Thursday, August 2, 2012

Absynthe in Prague

Well...we had a new experience today...we tried Absynthe.....there were Absynthe shops we had to try it....Absynthe is an authentic Czech drink. Much like moonshine to me with a twist.....I'm not sure if you can tell in our picture or not...but the spoon of sugar is on fire on top of the glass...they pour a shot of Absynthe in the glass..and drizzle a little on the corner of the sugar cubes on the spoon....then they light the sugar cube and burn the sugar on the spoon in order to caramelize it..which then drips down through the spoon ...the spoon has holes and slits in it.. they light the drink on fire for another couple minutes ....seriously this process took about ten minutes and he broke 2 glasses in the process ... He said happens all the time....about half break he says!!!! Wow! Lol...this process is supposed to make it smoother....there is something in the absynthe that is so strong it is illegal in most countries including the I said moonshine with a twist....well the Absynthe in the U.S. is only allowed to have 10% of the ingredient (which I cant remember the name of) that makes this so potent....but we were drinking the Absynthe that was 70% of this stuff...can't remember the name of it now...probably a reason for that I'll do a little research and get back to you... Lol.......but it was definitely an experience.....thought I'd share...the last two pics is what the end product looks like... the dude also gave us a shot of Swiss Absynthe which was much smoother to me it was distilled where the other isnt...not too exciting...just interesting....the last two pics is what the end result looks like after stirring caramelized sugar into it

Well I'm here to say we did not have any hallucinations but Bob got a little droopy and took a power nap back at the room!
We are back out and about now for our last night night here....we will most definitely return!!

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