Sunday, August 12, 2012

Look for us at the Olympics....

Well we are back in London trying to catch the finals of the basketball games. We have 3 guys from Oklahoma Thunder playing for the U.S. and one playing for Spain. So Oklahoma is well represented. Someone from Thunder will have a gold medal.
Do u see us there in the stands ????
Lol just kidding.... Cheapest tickets were $3,000. So we took the train to London and found a pub that was showing the finals of basketball. Most pubs were showing stuff that Great Britain is still in.... Finally found one at 3:08. Games started at 3:00. But we are here now. It's halftime. Think we are up by one. Hope we don't get our asses kicked in here. See a lot of Spain's flags. Lol. We'll b careful.
Oh we did see some runners today. .... Just trying to be part of the madness!!!! Luv it!

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